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You can go anywhere you want to go with a Thomas Aviation joy flight! Dubbo Zoo, The Blue Mountains, your property or just to view the city of Dubbo or Orange from above. Take a flight in our well maintained aircraft and our pilot will be your personal tour guide.

We conduct joy flights in three types of aircraft:

Cessna 182

Perfect for up to 3 adults, our spacious Cessna 182 is the ultimate sightseeing aircraft. The wings are positioned above the fuselage giving all passengers great views of the scenery below. It’s a perfect aircraft for people who haven’t been in a small plane before.






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VH-HXI | Cessna 182P
VH-PZE | Piper Warrior II

Piper Warrior

Joy flights in a Piper Warrior will be limited to 2 adults with the exception of a 3rd being a child due to weight restrictions. The Piper Warrior is Thomas Aviation’s flight trainer of choice because of its stability and simplicity to fly for the student pilot.

Customers who have a gift voucher or purchase a joy flight for 1 person can upgrade their flight to a Trial Introductory Flight, where our experienced instructor will guide you on how to fly the plane yourself and you will be able to take the controls!






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Tiger Moth

There is no better way to appreciate the sights around this beautiful city of Dubbo than with a flight in our open cockpit 1938 Tiger Moth “Millie”.

“Millie”, a beautiful lady from a bygone era, helped train countless young Australian men during the tumultuous years of World War II. Often she would have been their first introduction to the joys of flying. They learnt all the basic manoeuvres in her; how to handle an aircraft, how to navigate and how to hopefully stay alive. “Millie” helped prepare them for the larger and more powerful Wirraway and Spitfire aircraft they would later fly in combat. All of them were young.

There is nothing quite like the sound of a Gypsy-Major engine and nothing quite like the sheer joy of flying in an aircraft of this vintage. It is just plain good fun and of course very memorable. A big ‘bucket list’ tick!


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For more information on “Millie” and her history click here.

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To purchase a unique gift voucher for Joy Flights please click here and give us a call on 0400 198 765 to book.

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